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Kathryn Lewis


Kathryn has been involved within the health industry all of her working life. Kathryn's up-bringing was in a homeopathic household so was made fully aware of the immense benefits to health and wellbeing that can be achieved through nutrition, vitamins, minerals, remedies and wholesome food,  from an early age.

Believing that the mind, body and soul are as one, it led Kathryn to offer various beneficial treatments here within Abaca.

Over the years Kathryn has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and a host of qualifications within the health industry, believing that 'The First Wealth is Health' (Ralph W Emerson.)

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Beverley Glover


Beverley has enjoyed working at Abaca for many years now and holds a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health food industry.


Beverley and her family have tried most of the products which means that she can give first hand advice to our valued customers. She is well aware of the importance of health foods and values how important natural health products are  in preventing health problems.


Beverley is also a well-established artist having a first class honours degree in fine arts.

Una Hagerty


Una is an extremely valuable and specialist member of the Abaca team and has also worked here for many years. Over the years Una has gained a wealth of knowledge on the nutritional side of food and supplements, having been brought up in a family following the naturopathic way.


Una is happiest sharing her love and knowledge, she is caring and supportive to all customers who come into Abaca and offers her expert advice and experience if desired.


Lauren Wardell


Lauren was drawn to natural health at a young age, fascinated with alternative therapies, natural remedies, plant based eating, essential oils, nutrition, homeopathy and yoga amongst many others. She has 9 years experience as a holistic therapist, being qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Swedish Body Massage. She is currently studying for a degree in Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition after having spent 4 years working in a busy health and whole foods store in Brighton co-coordinating the supplements and bodycare sections.

Lauren has a passion for natural health as a way of life. She loves working with people, learning from other's experience and sharing tailor-made advice and knowledge along the way.

Zillah Stevens MBPA MBAA IIHT

Food Testing


Zillah's food test looks at 81 food groups, helping to identify food sensitivities, environmental toxins, “E” numbers that could be causing chronic conditions and also find possible deficiencies in vitamins and minerals within the body. This will exacerbate the following conditions which can often be related to food intolerance:

Allergies, I.B.S, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Migraines, Headaches, Thrush, Catarrh, Glue Ear, Hyperactivity, Arthritis, Aching, Joints, P.M.T, Eczema, Skin Rashes, Psoriasis, Tiredness, Fatigue, Overweight, Bloating, Sinusitis.


As a result of Covid 19 and due to restrictions on 'Social Distancing', the test, at present is being carried out by a simple Home Test Kit available from our store.


Contact Zillah on: 07721 450 693

Email: [email protected]

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Rosemary Whitfield



Rose has been part of the team for over 10 years. Her initial training was all thanks to her Mum who worked with Kathryn for many years and who shared her passion and knowledge with Rose. She has followed these principles in bringing up her own children and loves being part of the Abaca family. Rose has a fantastic background in science and teaching and applies this knowledge and understanding when assessing the products and advising customers.